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About Us

Our approach to public relations is strategic, and our services are highly professional and goal/result-oriented.

Eaddy Perry & Associates, Inc. is a boutique agency, specializing in integrated public relations strategies for individuals, organizations, corporations, and concepts. We are dedicated to creating innovative ways of placing clients in the spotlight of the public eye through perceptual management of image/reputation. We seek to control perception through a number of capabilities at the core of public relations. Our public relations professionals have a clear understanding that through proper management of perception one can only raise the reputation and image of an individual, organization, corporation, and idea to an infinite level.

We have a sense of client empathy that we believe is unmatched in the marketplace … empathy for common concerns of perception with regard to public … and for business opportunities, successes, challenges, and roadblocks. We are highly motivated, enthusiastic, and organized to serve.

There are four fundamental components to our operating philosophy:

1. We are disciplined “big picture” thinkers first and public relations practitioners second.

Too often in public relations, creative ideas become an end in themselves. In our view, the “big picture” is not an end product, but a tool of execution. The “big picture” thinker executes according to market. Because “big picture” thinkers are market-driven we look first at the client’s objectives, from which we select areas where communication can help. Attainable, but ambitious objectives, including a format for measurement are developed. It is then the most appropriate ideas and techniques to realize those objectives. The “big picture” provides thinkers with solutions that demand results in the present and in the future.

2. We are organized to serve.

No matter the client, we are dedicated to serve — serve in strategic direction, counseling, and problem solving. As knowledgeable public relations practitioners, the key to day-to-day operations is to best serve those who clearly believe in results. Our reputation is because of our clients, who can rely on us to be ethical, responsible, and confidential.

3. Accountability is key.

Eaddy Perry & Associates, Inc. believes that good stewardship of client budgets is a key ingredient in maintaining a long-term client relationship. Retainer or hourly fees, out of pocket expenses, and outside supplier charges for work devoted to client business, usually are billed on a monthly basis against established, agreed-upon communication. Every meeting or substantive phone call is followed with a conference report or confirming memo. We issue monthly progress reports, conduct stewardship meetings with clients twice a year, and provide detailed back-up to our invoices.

4. We are result-oriented and dedicated to quality in thought and execution.

To be effective for the long-term, a public relations firm serving clients must speak their language … the language of growth, social stability, and revenue. Part of that language is measurement. We believe strongly in benchmark research, tracking studies, and periodic updates of research to assure efficient and effective results. As public relations practitioners, these results should be a product of quality services, quality that shows in every process when working with clients.